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Eyes and Adulthood

Eyes and Adulthood

When people are in their mid-forties the symptoms of presbyopia typically become more pronounced. By early adulthood the human eye is fully developed. At its maximum potential it includes various components that are not easily measured by traditional eye charts such as depth perception night vision and hand/eye co-ordination. Simple tasks such as reading driving discerning different colours and focusing on nearby objects may become more difficult as vision changes with age. In addition if people spend a lot of time at the computer they might exhibit signs of computer vision syndrome. Regular eye examinations with an eyecare practitioner are essential to monitor changes in vision. Learn what to expect from an appointment with an eyecare practitioner.

When people reach their early forties it can become difficult to focus on close objects. This is partly due to a decrease in the ability of the eye s internal lens to focus at close range. This is a common vision condition called presbyopia. When people are in their mid-forties the symptoms of presbyopia typically become more pronounced. The symptoms include holding reading materials such as books or restaurant menus at arm s length and needing brighter lights to see clearly. The following products may help correct vision:

Reading Glasses

These are ideal for people who only have difficulty reading printed matter. People wear them solely for close work or in conjunction with prescription contact lenses used for distance vision. They are available in a wide range of lightweight attractive designs. Inexpensive reading glasses are readily available over-the-counter at retail stores but higher quality lenses might be prescribed by an eyecare practitioner.

Multifocal and Progressive Lenses Glasses with bifocal trifocal or progressive addition lenses (PALs) are the most common methods used to correct presbyopia. Two or three sections make up the bifocal and trifocal lenses to enable vision at different distances. The upper portion of the lens has a prescription for distance vision while the lower portion contains a prescription for close work.

Advances in progressive lens materials also known as multifocals have allowed companies to produce thin lightweight lenses without the distinctive line separating the visual fields. These provide wearers with a gradual change in prescription strength between distance and near vision. They have a clear corridor where objects at an intermediate distance such as arm s length are in focus thereby avoiding a sharp image transition when eyes move from one distance zone to another.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lens technology has advanced considerably providing wearers with new levels of choice style and comfort. These are available in either soft or rigid gas permeable materials. They offer the convenience of contact lenses with the ability to have clear distance intermediate and near vision. The popularity of these contact lens designs has resulted in numerous selections available from most major contact lens companies.

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