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Focus® DAILIES® Progressive Contact Lenses

Focus® DAILIES® Progressive one-day disposable soft contact lenses provide a great solution for individuals with presbyopia who want the healthy option of daily disposable wear and a hassle-free contact lens. Presbyopia is a vision condition whereby the lens of your eye becomes less flexible over time, reducing your ability to focus on near objects. Most people start needing correction to see up-close when they are in their 40 s. This continues until about age 60, when most everyone needs vision correction to read and do other close work. Because it is associated with aging, presbyopia is often met with a groan -- and an expectation that reading glasses or bifocals are inevitable. Focus® DAILIES® Progressive lenses provide crisp, clear and comfortable vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far away. You can exercise, play your favorite sports and keep leading your active life. You replace these contact lenses each day, so you no longer need to worry about cleaning your lenses. You simply put them in your eyes when you need them, and discard them when you have finished using them that day. No lens care or maintenance is required. Daily disposable lenses are also a healthy choice for your eyes because they reduce the chance of irritating protein build-up or irritation from preservative based lens care products.

Focus® DAILIES® Progressives offer:

  • No lines or segmented vision zones like bifocal spectacles
  • No need for awkward, unnatural head movements
  • Clear vision at all distances without jumps or distortions Unobstructed peripheral vision
  • Ability to use non-prescription sunglasses
  • Visitint®, a visibility tint that makes the lenses easier to see while you re handling them

How to Keep Contact Lens Wear Comfortable and Safe:

  • Visit our clinic for a complete eye examination and contact lens assessment at least every 12 months.
  • Don t wear lenses longer than prescribed, nor when sleeping unless otherwise directed.
  • If eyes become red or irritated, or you feel discomfort remove the lenses immediately and consult our clinic.

Don't continue wearing lenses that cause irritation.

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