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Extreme H2O

Five o’clock syndrome describes the common condition experienced by contact lens wearers when their soft contact lenses become uncomfortable and dry towards the end of the day. 41 per cent of lens wearers discontinue wear due to discomfort and dryness, because they naturally assume that there is no lens that can maintain moisture. In traditional soft contact lenses, the amount of water lost by the lens cannot be replaced by tears alone, without help from sources like eyedrops or by removing the lens and placing it in a solution to rehydrate. Ordinary contact lenses dehydrate, losing up to ten per cent of their water content. Lens drying causes fluctuations in vision clarity, restricts lens movement on the eye, and increases protein deposits. The combination of all these factors can result in a progressive loss of comfort, grittiness, and redness after only a few hours of wear. Certain activities aggravate dry eyes, and soft lenses can become less comfortable in specific environments.

The following is a condensed list of the most common situations and activities that can cause drying:

  • excessive air conditioning/heating
  • airplane cabins
  • altitudes over 4,000 feet
  • temperatures below 50 degrees F
  • strong winds or breezes
  • low humidity
  • computer work/watching TV
  • reading
  • driving a car
  • winter sports

Revolutionary lens technology minimizes dry eye discomfort. The Extreme H20® lens retains 99 per cent of its water content after even 14 hours of wear – making it the lens of choice for those seeking to improve end-of-day comfort or those who work in dry environments. The lens is designed to retain its moisture even under extreme conditions. Since it resists dehydration, your contact lens maintains its initial shape and doesn’t contract, preventing irritation and redness; the same amount of oxygen reaches your eyes in the last hour of wear as it did in the first. This means that wearers benefit from greater comfort and a stable fit from the beginning of the day until bedtime. Ask your eye care practitioner if Extreme H2O® lenses are right for you.

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