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Benefits of Prosthetic Eyes

Prosthetic eyes have many benefits for individuals who wear them. In fact, artificial eyes have changed the lives of many people all over the world. The technological advances that have developed in regards to prosthetic eyes over the years have made them incredibly natural and very difficult to recognize by those who are unaware the wearer has been fitted with a prosthetic eye. There are many personal benefits provided by artificial eyes, however the following are some benefits most all wearers of prosthetic eyes will experience.

Self Esteem

Many individuals who have lost an eye, or both, suffer from self esteem issues. Having a prosthetic eye that appears exactly like the other eye really increases an individual s self esteem because they no longer appear to have a disability . Additionally, having an artificial eye that looks real will truly complete a person s appearance so they look just like everyone else. Hiding one s disability with an artificial eye makes people feel comfortable in their own skin and truly helps them feel attractive. Any individual that has had a prosthetic eye fitted will immediately feel "whole" again and experience a major boost in self confidence.

Physical Appearance

Many individuals choose to have a prosthetic eye custom made and fitted in order to improve their appearance and make them look like the rest of the world. Having a disability is difficult, especially one that is vision related. Few individuals feel comfortable displaying their disability to the public simply because of the stares and rude questions strangers ask. However, people who are missing an eye or both don t feel comfortable always wearing a patch. Beyond that, there are not many options for people with this disability unless they choose a prosthetic eye. Fortunately, individuals may have prosthetic eyes custom made by an ocularist that specializes in making artificial eyes. Prosthetic eyes are manufactured and composed of acrylic. In the process of creation, the iris is hand-painted and based on the existing eye of new owner. The custom artificial eyes can be created to very closely match and therefore improve an individual s physical appearance while giving them the confidence they deserve.

Proper Facial Function

Another benefit of a prosthetic eye is that it allows the body to function properly. For example, after the loss of an eye if a prosthetic eye is not soon fitted then the eye socket will begin to close in on itself and the eyelid will droop and not function properly. Having a prosthetic eye in place allows the eye socket to retain its proper shape and size. It also allows the eyelid to function correctly. Because of this the prosthetic eye is not just a way to complete one s appearance but it is also a way to ensure the eye socket and rest of the eye anatomy function properly. These are just a few of the benefits provided by prosthetic eyes. Each individual may experience other benefits based on their personal circumstances. Overall, those who are missing an eye or both will benefit significantly with an artificial eye.

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