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Aosept Clear Care

AOSEPT® Clear Care™

AOSEPT® Clear Care™ is formulated without the added preservatives found in some multi-purpose solutions. According to a recent study replacing a one-bottle solution with a lens care system without added preservatives can increase comfort. Clear Care is recommended for contact lens wearers who may be sensitive to other lens care systems or who experience end of the day discomfort with their contact lenses.

Due to their absorbent nature soft contact lenses take up protein and lipids from your tears. This debris needs to be removed daily to avoid build up on the surface of the lens which can cause discomfort reduced vision and infection.

AOSEPT® Clear Care™ was designed to effectively remove protein deposits without using a separate cleaner and without rubbing the lenses.

  • AOSEPT® Clear Care™ contains a built-in cleaner plus hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect contact lenses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide reacts with the neutralizing disc (built into the lens case) to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide to a sterile buffered saline
  • Mechanical forces caused by the bubbling remove surface protein.

Studies show most people do not clean or replace their lens case regularly risking lens contamination and possible infection. Every package of AOSEPT® Clear Care™ contains a disposable lens case with built-in neutralizing disc to promote healthy habits and ensure proper neutralization.

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