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AO Lenses

AO Lenses

American Optical Lens Company designs innovative progressive lenses for active people.

These days people are leading active lifestyles in record numbers. Today s presbyopes are more active than any previous generation; walking hiking cycling and participating in sports. They re living longer and enjoying health and fitness as an important part of their lives.

AO b Active lenses offer progressive lenses that give patients with presbyopia a clearer view of objects in the periphery and in motion. Other features include:

  • A large active viewing area for improved peripheral vision
  • Comfortable vision without distortion
  • Crisp vision for all activities regardless of the distance

For years progressive lenses required fairly large frames. Now they can fit in small fashion frames allowing those with presbyopia to have more choice in their frame styles.

AO Compact is specially designed to deliver maximum optical performance in small frames without compromising viewing conditions. Visit our clinic to see our selection of AO Compact small frames and progressive lenses.

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