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AO Easy

AO Easy

Around 40 years of age people begin to experience difficulty focusing on reading material and other close-up objects. This age-related condition is called presbyopia and happens to everyone at some point in life even if you haven’t had vision problems before.

While reading glasses are effective in the short-term they do not help with distance vision. Bifocal lenses offer both reading and distance zones but they offer nothing in between; your field of vision will always be interrupted by the bifocal line across the front of the lens.

AO Easy Progressive Lenses provide presbyopes with vision at all distances without any of the problems of reading glasses or bifocals. Using the latest design technology AO Easy provides clear comfortable and natural vision wherever you’re looking.

Some of the advantages of AO Easy include:

  • wearers have large areas of clear vision they need for daily tasks with the overall smoothness and easy transitions they need for comfort
  • available with Teflon® EasyCare Lens Coating Transitions® photocromic technology or fashion tinting if desired
  • low levels of distortion in the peripheral area of the lens ensuring high quality vision while minimizing discomfort
  • they are an excellent solution for wearers who have tried other progressive lenses before but were unable to adapt
  • the smooth transitions ensure a natural vision experience even for first-time progressive wearers

AO Easy lenses provide effortless adaptation for first-time wearers and easy transition for current progressive lens wearers. Ask your eye care practitioner if AO Easy Lenses are right for you.

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