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Access Computer Lens

Access® Computer Lenses

Do you have Computer Vision Syndrome? Symptoms include:

  • Tension,heaviness,stinging and burning around the eyes
  • Redness or itchy eyes
  • Tired eyes especially at the end of the day
  • Difficulty keeping the computer screen in focus
  • Difficulty with perception blurred or fuzzy vision color fringes or dark blotches

Displaying some or all of these symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome.

Access® Computer Lenses are designed specifically for computer and office use by providing you with the correct viewing areas for working on the computer and at your desk. This lens provides clear and comfortable viewing for all office tasks.

Intermediate vision in the top half of the lens allows you to view the computer screen or anything out to 7 feet.

Close vision in the bottom of the lens is for viewing the computer keyboard reading material or your desk.

These lenses offer wearers a wider view than standard progressive or bifocal lenses making your work easier to focus on.

They are available in a choice of hard resin or polycarbonate.

Ask us about Access® Computer Lenses to see if they are right for you.

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