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Using Artificial Tears

Using Artificial Tears

The most common cause of continued symptoms from Dry Eye Syndrome is the failure to use artificial tears often enough... It is important to use artificial tears frequently. The most common cause of continued symptoms from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) is the failure of the patient to use artificial tears often enough to bring on and maintain relief. For most patients instilling a drop every couple of hours is adequate. Some people need to use them hourly usually when symptoms are at their peak. It is not beneficial however to use the drops too often. So how much should you administer them? Generally as a rule of thumb it is better to use them more frequently than not often enough.

A helpful technique to maximize the benefit of eyedrops is to gently close your eyes for one or two minutes after instilling the drops. This way your eyes can absorb the moisture provided by the drops without letting it run onto your cheek. Use the drops frequently until your symptoms are controlled then experiment by slowly reducing the number of instillations needed to keep you symptom-free.

Tear film problems are a chronic condition. There is no cure but regular daily use of eyedrops can help keep your eyes healthy and feeling good. Don’t assume that the eyedrops are a complete cure for your dry eyes. If your condition ever worsens be sure make an appointment with your eye care practitioner.

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