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The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams (Post-Surgery)

Importance of Yearly Eye Examinations (Post-Laser Surgery)

An annual eye examination should be performed as insurance for maintaining good vision and proper eye health. Follow-up care after laser vision correction is very important during the first year following surgery. In the small chance that a complication does occur if diagnosed early and treated quickly it is extremely rare to have any long-term negative effects. Post-operative exams at our clinic are scheduled on a routine basis to ensure the best possible visual outcome and that your eyes are healing properly.

Following LASIK surgery patients are seen the day after surgery 1 week, one month, three months, six month,and then 12 months. Make sure to keep all your post-operative appointments as they are very important to the ultimate success in attaining your best-corrected vision. Although your vision may be great and your eyes feel terrific you should not assume your eyes have properly recovered from refractive surgery. You still need these visits to make sure you do not have a potentially vision threatening problem such as clinically significant epithelial ingrowth and diffuse lamellar keratitis - both of which are usually easily managed if properly detected.

Many laser surgery centers require yearly eye examinations in order to be eligible for lifetime enhancement guarantees. Moreover refractive surgery will not stop the natural aging processes of the eye and as such an annual eye examination should be performed as insurance for maintaining good vision and proper eye health. Patients are still susceptible to diseases like macular degeneration cataracts and glaucoma with or without refractive surgery. In the early stages of many eye diseases there are no early warning signs. A person can see clearly and will not know anything is wrong. As your eye care practitioner we are involved in all parts of your visual care. By following the post-operative visit schedule and maintaining yearly eye exams you can help ensure a lifetime of good vision and healthy eyes.

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