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Biomedics 55 Premier Contact Lenses

Biomedics 55 Premier Contact Lenses

Sometimes the imperfections in our eyes can impact the quality of our vision. Spherical aberration is caused by light being refracted at varying angles as it passes through the optical components of both the contact lens and your eye. Without the appropriate correction, light rays will not focus precisely on the back of your eye. Such inconsistencies can prevent your eyes from achieving optimal clarity.

Biomedics 55 Premier aspheric contact lenses are specially designed to provide clear, crisp, and sharp vision. Their groundbreaking design simultaneously corrects for the spherical aberration in the eye and contact lens. Biomedics 55 Premier is the first contact lens to compensate for both these problems.

These lenses have an edge design that is over 20 percent thinner than the original Biomedics 55 lens. The redesigned edge allows the eyelid to glide smoothly over the lens, thus providing exceptional comfort.

Ask your eye care practitioner to see if Biomedics 55 Premier contact lenses are right for you.

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