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BioMedics® 55

BioMedics® 55 contact lenses offer a unique lens design which:

  • Provides optimum eye comfort because the lens tapers to a very thin edge, which reduces interference from the eyelid
  • Features 55% water content
  • Handles easily, for easy insertion and quick removal
  • Is cup shaped, meaning you will never put this lens in backwards
  • Features high-quality optics Your tears produce protein and other debris that can build up on the lens surface and can affect your vision and comfort.

Frequently replacing your lenses ensures that your lenses are clear and comfortable, and that your eyes remain healthy. BioMedics® 55 contact lenses are a frequent replacement lens. Your eyecare practitioner will recommend a wearing schedule that is right for you.

Frequently replaced lenses are ideal for those who:

  • Have had previous difficulty with contact lenses
  • Suffer from allergies or work in dusty environments
  • Like the convenience of having a spare pair of lenses
  • Rely on excellent vision for work or recreation
  • Need frequent prescription changes, or lose/tear their lenses

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