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BioMedics ®1 Day Lenses


BioMedics ®1 Day Lenses

If you like the convenience of 1 day disposable contact lenses, you’ll love Biomedics® 1 Day. Whether you wear contact lenses every day or only occasionally, Biomedics® 1 Day are ideally suited to the contact lens wearer who wants maximum flexibility to wear contacts

when they want. This could be once a week for sports or every day, the choice is yours. With an advanced thin design they’re unbelievably comfortable. And since they retain their shape better, they are also easier to handle.

Biomedics® 1 Day is designed as a high performance 1 day disposable lens for convenience, comfort, vision and handling.


  • Fresh, clean pair of lenses every day
  • No daily cleaning, storage or care required
  • No need for storing bulky lens solutions
  • Less build-up of proteins on 1 Day lenses


  • A fresh, clean lens every day provides a healthy and convenient way to wear contact lenses
  • You will have fewer dry eye and allergy problems; dry eyes may be caused due to irritation from multi-purpose solutions
  • Biomedics® 1 Day is a convenient, comfortable lens that lasts all day with little, or no discomfort at the end of the day


  • New easier to handle blisters
  • Lens design and manufacturing process ensures consistent comfort and handling
  • Visibility tint for easy handling of lenses
  • Built-in UV blocker* makes it safe and healthy for your eyes

Biomedics® 1 Day disposable contact lenses are ideal for:

  • Persons with active or busy lifestyles
  • Frequent travelers – less to pack because there is no need for solutions
  • Allergy sufferers – less likelihood of build-up of proteins
  • Teens – first time lens wearers
  • Occasional users or part-time lens wearers (no need to worry about remembering when you last disinfected your lenses)

The planned replacement program is convenient and easy to use.

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