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ILT lenses

Rodenstock ILT lenses Rodenstock ILT lenses are sophisticated progressive addition lenses. Everyone has a unique face; for example the shape of your nose or how far apart your eyes are unique features. Now these and other features can be taken into account when new Impression ILT progressive lenses are prescribed for you.

ILT meaning Individual Lens Technology allows exact fitting specifications based on the frame you choose. Lenses are created based upon measurements that are unique to your new frame. Rodenstock’s new computerized design and manufacturing technology analyses the anatomical relationship between your frame and face and then incorporates them into the finished lens design.

The idea behind the new Impression ILT progressive lens is as simple as possible. Not only are the standard prescription values are taken into account but also your specific features:

   * The distance between your pupils.
   * The arching of your frame.
   * The angle of your frame in front of your eyes.
   * The distance between your pupils.
   * The distance between your eyes and your lenses.

Rodenstock ILT lenses are truly custom-made to suit your individual needs. Your lens will be different from any other lens created because it is tailored to your individual visual acuity facial dimensions and choice of frame.

Ask our clinic if Impression ILT lenses by Rodenstock are right for you.

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