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Choosing Laser Vision Provider (TLC Branded)


How to Choose a Laser Vision

Correction Provider

Interested in Laser Vision Correction? Choosing a laser vision correction provider and surgeon can be your biggest challenge. It seems that every laser vision correction provider is stating they have state of the art technology the most experienced surgeons and the best results. So how can you determine who to trust with your eyes? As your eye doctor my job is to be an unbiased third party to help you decide what treatment is best and who you should go to for your laser vision correction. With such a variance in available technologies surgeon experience and pricing it is critical that patients know what questions to ask so they can differentiate between providers and know what they are getting for their money. A patients first priority should be safety quality of care and results. When it comes to something as precious as your eyesight price should be secondary. Certainly no one wants to pay more than they need to but typically in life you get what you pay for. If you do decide to shop around be sure to ask some very specific questions so that you can make a fair comparison between one provider and another. That way you are in the best position to decide where to trust your vision.

I have assembled a list of good questions to ask when you are researching laser vision correction surgeons and clinics.

How many LASIK and/or PRK procedures has the surgeon personally performed and when/where did they start performing those procedures?

Be sure to ask specifically about the number of PRK/LASIK procedures that they personally have performed as some surgeons like to lump their cataract glaucoma and other surgical procedures in with their statistics or collectively quote how many procedures the entire clinic has performed. Less experienced surgeons typically have higher complication rates and often do not have the knowledge to manage complications should they arise.

What are the potential risks and complications and statistically how likely are they to occur? Are there statistics in writing?

Complication rates should be less than one percent. Be wary of centers that have higher complication rates or won t provide you with that information. At TLC Laser Eye Centers patients are given a detailed informed consent document that outlines all risks and complications along with appropriate statistics. Also ask what experience the surgeons have treating complications. What resources do they have available to assist you should a complication arise? These can include new technology and other surgeons.

On occasion patients require an additional surgery or what is called an enhancement procedure to achieve their best possible vision

. Find out if they charge for enhancement procedures. If they offer free enhancements keep in mind that a commitment is only as good as the company that stands behind it - patients of now bankrupt discount centers have sadly learned this lesson the hard way.

What quality controls are in place to ensure your safety?

(air flow temperature and humidity)Also ask if they reuse the blades that are used to create the protective LASIK flap. This is an unacceptable practice but some of the less reputable centers may reuse items in efforts to cut costs.

How many doctors and/or optometrists have come to their company for their own surgery?

Can they give you a reference list of those doctors so you could ask them about their experience?

What does the fee cover?

For example does it cover pre/post/surgical medication and drops? Are there any hidden costs? Often times the low price advertised by many clinics in the newspapers are for limited prescriptions. What financial obligations do you have when you have a consultation book surgery or if you decide not to proceed with the surgery on your surgery day? If you want follow up with your own optometrist instead of the center are there any additional fees involved?

Do they partner with your own optometrist?

As your optometrist I am your personal advocate ensuring that your results and your healing are as they should be. Also our office has important information regarding your eye health and history as well as your prescription stability. This information is very important in not only establishing candidacy but planning your procedure. Centers that do not partner with optometrists may be missing some valuable information that could affect your results. TLC Laser Eye Centers has a partnership with over 12500 doctors nationwide who are experienced in handling your follow up care.

It is best to do your homework and ask these important questions. If you want to shop around be sure to do your homework. I have worked with TLC Laser Eye Centers for years I am comfortable with their doctors results and the care that my patients receive. They offer free no obligation consultations and are committed to patient education. Their goal is my goal: to give you the information you need to make an informed decision and to get you the best results the safest way.

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