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How to use Amsler Grid

How To Use The Amsler Grid

To use the Amsler Grid follow these simple instructions:

  1. If you use reading glasses be sure that you are wearing them.
  2. Cover one eye and look at the centre dot.
  3. Keep your eye focused at all times.
  4. Look directly at the centre dot and only at the centre dot.
  5. All of the lines should appear straight. All the squares should be the same size.
  6. Do this test for each eye separately.

If any area on the grid suddenly appears blurred distorted discoloured or in any way appears abnormal to a person taking this test they are urged to contact their eye care professional immediately.

What a Person with AMD Might See.

It is important to know that eyes with drusen or dry AMD can progress into wet AMD. Therefore if a person has been diagnosed with dry AMD the Amsler Grid may still be useful. These people should consider using it to regularly monitor their central vision and report any new changes to their eyecare professional.

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