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Dry Eye Test

Dry Eye Test

Before you visit your doctor this is a simple test that may help determine if you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. Please note that this test should not be used to replace your visit(s) to your eye doctor – it is simply a screening test. Your eye care provider will ask you questions about your symptoms and perform other tests to determine the cause severity and treatment options for dry eye. To participate just follow the instructions below.

1. The focal point of the test will be the timer on the left of the screen. Your results depend on how long you can look at the eye without blinking.

2. Blink twice and then hit the button to begin the test.

3. Stare at the timer and avoid blinking for as long as possible until you begin to feel any sort of discomfort (grittiness burning or irritation).

4. As soon as you blink for the first time hit the button again.

5. Your results will then be interpreted.

Take a dry eye test

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